One insight followed by a careful technological development. Starting from this union the new line of REVO drills has arisen. They are unique in their kind both for features and operating performances. The innovative patented system allows in a simple way to create holes both in soft and compact (gravelly or agglomerated) grounds.

A powerful core inside them produces micro-vibrations which are spread in the surrounding ground. They allow to displace and to compact the material, making the square section hole reinforced and clean.

The unique drill in the world that can create square section holes, with huge advantages both in stability and in the precision for the positioning of cement posts.

The first distinctive feature of TRwawe line is the absence of torsion. The moving parts are enclosed inside the drill bit, which is not subjected to the wearing effect of time.

Another very important thing is its drilling precision.

Revo TRwave is formed by a two stroke engine and by an ergonomic handlebar made of stainless steel. This is linked to it through anti-vibration systems where the drill bit is placed.


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Motor 2 cyclesBlue Bird
Capacity56.7 c.c.
Maximum power2.21 kw (3Hp) 7500 rpm
Membrane carburetor
Electronic lighting
Ability reservoir0.9 litri
Length aims900mm
Section aims square60x60 / 80x80 mm
Total weight18 kg

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