One insight followed by a careful technological development. Starting from this union the new line of REVO drills has arisen. They are unique in their kind both for features and operating performances. The innovative patented system allows in a simple way to create holes both in soft and compact (gravelly or agglomerated) grounds.

A powerful core inside them produces micro-vibrations which are spread in the surrounding ground. They allow to displace and to compact the material, making the square section hole reinforced and clean.

The TR-P wave model, ideal for excavators from 3 ton to 8 ton represents the top of our product range thanks to its extraordinary features.

With only one instrument it is possible realizing holes. Moreover, by means of a pincer it is also possible positioning the cement posts.

Its horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements make it flexible for each situation.

It is very rapid in doing holes and dynamic in posts positioning. TR-P wave is the innovative instrument that failed

Posts hitching system sequence from trailer.

With TR-P wave it is possible to control posts of each dimension in complete safety.


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It stings elettroidraulica to 3 movements
Side rotation ralla180°
Rotation stings180°
Maximum opening stingsmm 220
I load Max. to the plierskg 250
Length aimsmm 1200
Section aims squaremm 100x100
Vibrating powert 5.8
Devoted for excavators fromfrom 3 ton to 8 ton
Quantity I oil l/min.L 50-210 bar

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