SKY ONE 300 is a practical hydraulic platform perfect for the periodical service of the field. Moreover, the model is suitable to the use of various equipments.

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Width of the fruit harvester varyingfrom 1150 mm to 1470 mm
Lengthfrom 2900 mm to 3730 mm
Height from the ground170 mm
Platform1300 mm x 1320 mm
Excursion platforms600 mm SX - 600 mm DX
Height of platform3000 mm
Weight2200 Kg
MotorYammar Diesel 17.6 KW / 24 HP
Track motorshydraulic, with varying powers, negative brake
Speed1° 1,7 Km/h - 2° 3,4 Km/h
Control systemservo-assisted, electronic, electro-hydraulic
Stabilizermodulation of pressure floating damping
Hydraulic plant3 pupm gear 18.5, 18.5, 18.5 l/min
Working pressure170 bar
Lateral inclination35%
Longitudinal inclination45%

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